Content Writer for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Working on a brand-new website and need someone to help you with structure and astounding copy?

Wondering why your landing page doesn’t perform well and what you can do to increase conversions?

Your prospects shop by comparison. I can help you rise above your competition and win that comparison hands down.

I specialize in conversion-optimized copywriting for small and medium brands, digital agencies and online stores and can help you:

  • map out the structure of your website-to-be to give it a solid foundation
  • write clear and engaging new copy for your website that makes your target audience wonder how they’ve been living without you all this time
  • analyze and critique your existing pages to boost engagement and sales

I am here for one big purpose: to help your copywriting look, sound, and feel more like you.

No matter what your style is, I will tailor my words to effortlessly fit your brand story. You have met your new website copywriter!


B2B and B2C Content Writing

I write SEO-driven content in your unique brand voice, and you can put your name on it.

More content marketing tasks are added to your already overflowing to-do list, you know it’s time to call in reinforcements.

Since the last thing you want to do is flesh out a new blog post idea or rethink your strategy, you’re ready for a content creator and blog copywriter to step in.

You want to partner with someone who has a highly collaborative process, and knows how to get the best SEO value from your content.

Together, we will grow your blog and business with high-quality, industry-specialized content that inspires your audience to take action.


How does this work?

Inside our collaboration, we will have quarterly content planning sessions and set monthly themes to guide our strategy. From there, I will create outlines and start to write your content. We will finalize the content after one round of revisions and repeat the process each month.

You can’t create persuasive copy that will resonate with your target audience without taking those people into consideration – what they know about your product already, how they talk, whom they are comparing you to, how they behave on your current website, etc.

So, before I write a single line, I’ll ask you to:

  • answer in-depth questionnaire about your business, target audience and current struggles
  • send me a couple of links to the websites of your competitors
  • let me look at your Google Analytics and, ideally, session replays
  • send me your client testimonials, reviews, chat records, sales calls transcripts – anything where we can hear the voice of your customers loud and clear

After that, I’ll write the copy and send it to you for your review together with the page wireframes.

Why wireframes? Because bad web design will kill the most brilliant copy. And with my wireframes, you can be sure your new website or page will work as a whole.

After I have your feedback, I’ll incorporate the changes and send you the final version of the pages.



Evergreen content creation is a wise investment in the future growth of your business. My ongoing content creation packages can be customized to your unique needs. Contact me today to personalize your package!