You tried hiring a SEO agency or copywriter, but all you got was some jargon-oozing prose that had the engagement rate of a QUANTUM PHYSICS MANUAL.

Are you ready to CHANGE THE GAME?

My copywriting is not about guesswork (“let’s take ANOTHER shot in the dark!”). When you hire me as a writer, you are really hiring a content marketing consultant. I can tell you why your current content marketing isn’t getting an ROI. I can create posts that are better than anything your competitors are doing and finally get those posts ranked on Google’s front page for your target SEO key phrases. 

Good copy projects the uniqueness of your offering in such a memorable way, that your prospects are PINING for more.

You already got to know me as an International Author, CEO of a successful Self-Publishing Business, German Teacher and homeschooling Mother of three energetic kids.

Now you will learn about my services as an Amazon Brand Manager, Copywriter & Content Creator, Marketing Strategist and Graphic Designer.

I help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses communicate their value, discover their brand voice, and optimize their messaging for more conversions through sales copywriting and ongoing content creation.

Because you need more than the right words. You need the right story and strategy. I will help you get there.

My trademark is laser-targeted copy that’s fresh, engaging, and effortless to read.

Which means your customers develop a visceral connection with your brand — and choose YOU for the sale!