Editorial & Amazon Reviews

"Initially I did not think I needed this book, but by the time I finished reading it, I realized that this book is a must-read for all parents with young children. We don’t realize that we need to train our children in bad habits such as anger, it’s something left for adults. But if you can train the young child before they get used to using anger as a way of showing their feelings, you’re making yours and their lives so much easier in the long run. The training in this book is so gentle. The practical exercises ensure you learn through role-play and in the end your child is fully equipped to handle situations in a better way. There are plenty of beautiful Hadith to support the material. You won’t be disappointed with this book. I strongly recommend it".- Farhana, Elementary Teacher

"This book is doing a great job in teaching children anger management, being forgiving and patient. I love the beautiful stories and reflective activities. The illustrations are fun and very engaging." - Dr. Farah

"This gentle book introduces Prophetic principles of patience and conflict resolution simply and effectively. I especially appreciated the stories in the end, they are a great way to appeal to kids and provide a good starting point for discussion." - Umm Yahya, Primary and junior-intermediate Teacher

"Great book Jazakum Allahu Khairan" -Habib, myDeen Magazine

 "If you've been looking for a colourful book for small children containing stories of the Quran, you will be happy about this one. Even suitable for elder children." -Aminah Salaho, M.A (Master of Arts) in French Literature

"I think this book is a great starter for kids. It had a lot of useful information and was illustrated very nicely. Kids will love this book." -Scott Alderman, Author; BA in literature and writing from Columbia University

"And as a children's book author myself, I like to see what 'new' books are out there. This book is VERY nicely illustrated (calming color scheme; enchanting overall) and evenly paced. It can be hard to write for a very young audience, especially about religions, but this book gets it right. In addition, I would also recommend this book for older non-Muslim children and teens, who simply want to learn more about Islam. Well done! "-Christy Burbidge, Author, Copy Editor, MSW (Simmons University) and PhD in Expressive Therapies (Lesley University)

"I thought this book was enlightening and entertaining. Also, I think there are many similarities across religions with respect to their morals and values for a life well spent. I cannot say whether the book might be confusing for very small children from different faiths, but I think it would be great for Islam children of various ages and for older children from other faiths." -Dr. Jay

"A cute, Islamically flavoured starter book! Lots of practice for lower case letters"- Mrs E., primary and junior-intermediate Teacher

"This is such a lovely book. Perfect for the younger ones learning to read and write the alphabet. An excellent colouring book too."-Mrs F., Elementary Teacher

"This is an exceptional educational book. It is perfect for kids' development. Parents and teachers alike would benefit from this book to help their children develop their fine motor skills and handwriting!"-Dr. Ramla PHD, Nottingham University