Gratitude Journal for Kids

Help your children increase their happiness, improve their self-esteem, and lower stress levels with this Gratitude Journal, which is suited for both beginners and more advanced children. Through writing and drawing, children will learn to give daily thanks for the blessings in their lives. Towards the middle of the Journal, they will learn to respond to more in-depth and thought-provoking prompts that ask them to think about gratitude on a broader scale. With this colorful and child-friendly Journal, they will in sha Allah develop a healthy habit for the rest of their lives.

Studies show that Gratitude Journals improve Sleep and can help Traumatized Individuals. The Journal is also well suited for children with ADHD. It helps shift their attitude from negativity.

If you start each day by writing down things you are thankful for, you will realize the positive impact a gratitude journal can have on your mood. You and your child will feel inner contentment and happiness. Are you thankful that you woke up healthy and in a safe environment? Write it down and make it a daily habit!

Gratitude Journal For Kids
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Boys love colouring just as girls do!

Keep your kids busy while you work from home, finish some household chores, or simply relax. This book is sure to engage little ones for hours!

Illustrative black-and-white line drawings encourage creativity, scientific thinking and more.

Pedagogically valuable, educational, and fun as it addresses history (Romans, castles, knights) as well as NASA and space topics. 

Designed to engage children age 3-12 in arts and crafts in a mess-free way, while giving them an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Age specifications: 3 years and above

42 pages; Images vary in complexity.

Exciting Illustrations

This book features plenty of amazing Illustrations including astronauts, space shuttles, moon, stars, Science, History, Romans, Architecture, Aqueduct, Colosseum, Castles, World map, Globe, Eiffel Tower and other European monuments, robots, ocean waves and ships, submarine, trucks, planes, Police, Fire engine, luxury car and much, much more!

Perfect for Artists

This book is a great choice for artists. If you print it on a premium paper it will work well with art supplies like crayons, colored pencils, gel pens and most markers. It also pairs nicely with craft supplies like glitter glue, stickers etc.

This innovative coloring book puts the science of learning into practice with each inspirational and empowering page. Created by a teacher and homeschooling parent, this coloring book offers a much-needed opportunity for children to slow down and engage in imaginative of the best ways for children to discover their creativity.

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8 5 X 11 Inch Science And History Colouring Book
PDF – 7.7 MB 784 downloads