Enhance the love for reading of your children at a time when online learning has forced a spike of failing grades

It has been public long before November 2020 that online learning is forcing a significant drop in students' academic performance. This was proven by a report on student grades from one of the nation's largest school districts. The report also showed that the most vulnerable students — children with disabilities and English-language learners — suffer the most. Between the last academic year and this one, the percentage of middle school and high school students earning F's in at least two classes jumped by 83 percent. [1]
Fairfax's data shows that children who are engaged and care deeply about school — children in stable home situations, whose parents have sufficient resources — will stay engaged in an online environment. In contrast, children whose socioeconomic status or home situation had blocked them from academic achievement before online learning took place will now slip further and further behind. [2]

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