Hi I'm Julia.

I was born and raised in Germany, where I studied Education and Islamic Sciences including Arabic at the popular German University "Universität Hamburg". At the age of 17, I converted to Islam and have enjoyed living this beautiful religion ever since. 

As a teacher and homeschooling mother of three children, I enjoy creating interactive teaching resources and writing books.

Besides writing my second historical fiction novel for young adults, I am currently working as an Amazon Listing Optimization Manager, freelance copywriter and marketing strategist for Findrez Marketing



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How do you help authors?

I help authors by guiding them to find suitable recourses which will improve their writing, as well as teach them everything they need to know to become a successful self-published author. Sign up to avoid missing out on free webinars and mentoring.

Do you edit books?

Sadly, my schedule no longer allows me to personally edit or advise on manuscripts.

Would you review my book?

At the moment I am not taking on any reviews.

Will you write a blurb for my book?

I write copy (blurbs) only when I have fully read the book and can wholeheartedly give it five stars. This does not often happen, but in that case yes I would write a blurb for you.

Which one shall I choose, traditional publishing or self-publishing?

I prefer self-publishing. At this moment, I am not sure if I would want to be traditionally published. The publisher would have to make a decent offer for me to consider handing my work over to him. Independent publishing has provided authors with unexpected opportunities that should always be considered and weighed against the pros and cons of traditional publishing.
However, I am aware that self-publishing does not guarantee success. I have seen many indie authors who jumped into publishing, convinced that their books were polished and professional, when they were anything but. Before choosing to publish independently, take a moment, to be honest with yourself about what your priorities are. Don't shy away from hiring the right people (especially an editor) to help you produce a product that will set your career fundamentals as an author.

Do you accept guest posts?

Since I started my blog only recently, I am welcoming guest posts.